process post #10

Make a plan for incorporating more transmedia integration into your online publication. What channels will you focus on? Why?


Since my blog’s focus is about Syria, my country, and not specifically me or my personal ideas and thoughts. I find it a bit weird to Launch a YouTube channel, or even think about Youtube as a transmedia integration for my blog.

As mentioned before, (sorry for the repetition Roshane! ) I have an Instagram account called @Syriaweekly, where I showcase User Created photos on it! It is pretty cool. I can definitely say that I have built a community, but until now I have struggled to get what the audience wants even though I have statistics.

Did I integrate my Instagram channel? Yes, I introduced my blog in a story telling way on the Instagram account. Mentioning that Syria Weekly is behind and asking the Instagram community to show support and give us feedback. According to the statistics from Instagram around 200 people checked my link on the first day! Yes, I felt overwhelmed.

For me it was the other way around, I already had the transmedia channel and I wanted to integrate it with a blog/website. I want to use the community that I have on my Instagram to grow my website!




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