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Develop community guidelines for your site. Why are those the right guidelines for you? How will you implement them?


This week, we had Sharifah Williams , Associate Editor of, as our guest speaker.

What have I learned from Sharifah? The importance for users to follow community guidelines when discussing their opinions. Each particular case should be addressed individually. But there should be a zero tolerance for hazing. It all depends on the levels of the content that is posted. So yes, we should accept changes, and expect comments that we don’t approve of. But at the same time, we should treat them with mindfulness and without being biased.

I went ahead and checked out the Book Riot community guidelines to get a full image and idea of what Sharifah was trying to point out. Their community guidelines are straight to the point and clear. It was made clear that if anyone tried to make extreme comments they will be banned from the page.

With all the conflicts that are happening in Syria, I can definitely imagine a lot of political comments coming up on my blog. I build this blog to provide a safe place for the Syrians away from politics and the negativity that we struggle with every day. Having this in mind I build the following community guidelines for my blog!

Welcome to My Syrian Blog! 

We strongly believe in freedom of speech

We strongly Value your opinion 

We strongly give you the freedom to express your thoughts taking into consideration that every user comes from a different background with different values! 

Having this in mind, we ought to have some community guidelines out there in order to maintain a safe place for everyone.

1- No Politics: This blog is made to showcase all the good things about Syria and not to discuss anything related to politics

2-No Advertising : please do not post any kind of advertisement in the comment section. 

 3-Threats & attacks: No personal threats or attacks on community members

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