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Do you want to monetize your site? If so, how will you do so? What changes will you need to make?

hmm, well I was thinking that after my blog gets more visitors, as in ” thousands” per day, I will start monetizing it. But after we discussed it in the class, I decided to give a shot.

Having in my mind that the goal of me trying is to learn more about how to run ads and experience it on my blog! I did it, I downloaded the plugin, decided which ads I approve on my blog #LikeABoss and voilà!

Congratulations?  Google now owes me 20 cents 😉 😀

What have I learned?

-I decided to put all my efforts on the blog. Work hard on building the blog and my audience first.

– To focus all my efforts on creating as much content as possible!

After I read an article about whether I should Monetize my blog right now or not? by Fabrizio,  I realized that I have to work more on my blog. I believe it is a great article that helped me understand where am I currently in the process and how can I reach a point that will allow me to monetize correctly!

He proposed four questions  to ask myself before I start monetizing, and to be honest I could not answer all of  them since I don’t have that much information about my blog and me realized in order to monetize my website I have to take it more seriously with my blog and build an actual strategy and plan 😉 and not just wait for it!

I thought It would be helpful to share the questions from the article I read!

“4 questions to ask yourself before you start monetizing your blog”

  1. How much traffic is my blog getting right now?
  2. Do I have enough loyal folks subscribed to my blog?
  3. Can I honestly say I fully understand my reader’s needs?
  4. What monetization strategies will I actually use?


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