Process post #9

The influence that Facebook has on our self!

How can we break free from our constraints?

This week’s process post is about google analytics, but there was something way more interesting, that I learned about during class than talking about google analytics. For the first time, I felt so immersed in the presentation that was delivered by Prof. Juan. Usually when people ask me what are your interests? what is your field of study? where do you want to work? I have the answers ready in my mind, but for some reason, when I answer those question I do not feel excited explaining my answers to people. Don’t get me wrong, I really like what I am studying, but I did not have a valid reason why am I interested in those subjects? is it because I just ended up here and working my way up? Not until Juan’s presentation, I found my reason for interest. It is not mainly concentrated on the subject of the presentation but on how I was interested in it. I can finally say that I discovered a reason for me wanting to continue to do what I am doing!

Moving on to the main point of this post. After the presentation, I asked myself do I want to be like every other internet user? How can I make a difference?

To start with it, I do not usually post my thoughts on Facebook, I do not believe it is a safe place for me to express my thoughts. I always wanted to have a safe place for me that I can control everything in it, but let’s be real, this will never exist on the web. It is not like I will have my diary with a lock, where I can keep all my thoughts. Even writing on my blog is not 100% safe, but yes I choose what I want to write and what I want to share. To some extent, I can control more than I can control what I share on Facebook.

In my opinion, the web is revolving around Facebook. every app you have you sign in through Facebook, every video I see, I see it on Facebook and every article I read I read it on Facebook….

What did I decide to do as a user? to minimize my Facebook footprints.. although I will not make any difference at least I will feel better. It is the idea that we are all controlled to some extent and we just can not do anything about it!

Future plans:  I would either end up working with Facebook! or working with the organizations that build their own community out of the Facebook world.

I do not accept to be just a user.. forever….

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